Five reasons why Kanye West would make a great president

On the 30th of August, at the 2015 MTV video music awards, time stood still. All that existed was one spliff, one man, and one speech. And when time began again, we had a 2020 presidential candidate – Mr Kanye West.

Since announcing his intention to run for President, Kanye has either been met with ridicule or outright dismissal. And to those guilty of either, I have something to say to you. You should be ashamed. You elected Bush twice. You elected Obama twice. Some of you are even supporting Donald Trump! But you can’t extend Kanye the courtesy of considering his candidacy with an open mind? Forget momentarily the Kanye we know, and envision the Kanye he could be. Here is a man with a dream, and here are five reasons why Mr. West would make a great President. Continue reading