Review of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

It was the year 2001. The first film adaptation of the Harry Potter series had just come out – The Philosopher’s Stone. Die hard fans had declared battle against the muggles for saying it didn’t matter that the film was different to the book. A ten year fight ensued, with each new film augmenting the disdain. It seemed the divide was irrevocable. Until now…

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Eight times social media made the world a better place

In a twitter feed of narcissism, on a Facebook page of negativity, we need only one compassionate post to remind us that social media is not inherently bad; for at the twiddling thumbs of the benevolent, the platforms turn to gold. Here are eight examples of how social networking sites are  used as a conduit for positivity; Continue reading

ISIS and its use of social media as a conduit for negativity

It was merely the dawn of social media when terror organisations first started using the internet to propagate their extremist ideologies.  The platforms were not only rudimentary but played a largely inconsequential role in our lives. So while the Taliban, Hamas, and Al-Qaeda had an active online presence, it failed to penetrate society to the extent that ISIL does today. For networking sites are now an integral part of everyday life and perhaps as much a stronghold of the extremist group as Raqqa and Mosul – a consequence of two troubling facts; that the group emerged at the peak of the revolution and that the militants in control of the communications strategy are the very people who grew up alongside the platforms.  Continue reading

Is social media a conduit for positivity or violence?

When social media was but a baby, it was promoted as an unprecedented advancement in communication – a way to pick up a phone, pop in the car, or cross an ocean via a screen. Families split by miles could reunite. Business hindered by time difference could succeed. Love tortured by distance could prevail.  Society was spellbound.

As Bebo and Myspace grew up to be Twitter and Facebook, however, the dynamic of our relationship changed. For we are no longer merely under social media’s spell. We are victim to its curse. Over the next few blog posts, I will be addressing the question, “Is social media a conduit for violence or positivity?” Each post will focus on a specific subject of which social media is both our greatest ally and our worst enemy.  Continue reading